How to Order

Please contact Joni Rose to arrange the purchase of paintings. You may email me or call 973-701-1914. Prints may be purchased online with the "purchase" buttons on the prints page. Shipping for prints is $20 per print and there are no returns.

About the Artist

I have been a painter all my life. My work has always been an expression of my heart and my intention has been to paint the beauty of the world we live in. The aim of my work is to convey an experience of timelessness through color. Colors, in connection with forms, such as landscapes, can have transforming effects on people. There is an extraordinary energy in color – a deep interconnection with life itself.

Inspired by my frequent trips to India, my spiritual practice has given me insight into two key ingredients of creativity: being present in the moment so that creativity may flow freely, and the cultivation of quietude which allows our "inner voice" to speak its unique artistic language, unhindered by outer distractions. With practice, the creative flow becomes as natural as breathing – and art becomes the expression of our unfolding awareness of that which exists both within and without. I am also intrigued by the potential for healing energy to flow from my art.

While traveling, I snap photographs of my environment and paint in watercolors. Upon returning home, these smaller works and images are transformed into oil paintings. I also paint in Plein Air with oils and watercolors. I am inspired by landscapes, as the sky and the ways to represent it are endless. Color, shadows, and light play with design, and I enjoy the creation of color blends and forms.

My paintings have been displayed in galleries across the country, including numerous shows in New York City, and my work is owned in private collections around the world. Several of my paintings were acquired recently by the Harmony Pavilion Medical Arts Building in Atlantic City, New Jersey for their healing qualities.

I am the mother of three boys, and teach art to children, teenagers, and adults in my home studio in Chatham, NJ. I am presently busy in my studio working on oil and watercolor paintings.

–Joni Rose